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Sage TimeSheet 9.5 Feature List

Sage TimeSheet's many features can be viewed in detail by clicking on the links below.

Time and Expense Tracking
Workflow Approval Process with email notification
Highly Customisable to meet complex Business Requirements
Client/Server Functionality
Web TimeSheet
Fast Flexible Reporting
Flexible and powerful Data Exchange Integration tool
Payroll Calculations made easy
Mobile Solutions for those on the go
Comprehensive Administration and Security features
Audit trail
Project Management, Budgeting and Resource Scheduling

Time and Expense Tracking

Sage TimeSheet offers time and activity tracking for project-oriented workgroups of any size. You can enter data directly into the database from any of the three time entry views.

  • NEW - Floating point values - Sage TimeSheet now supports the use of "floating decimal points" for rate, quantity and currency values.
  • NEW - Expense View - Users can now enter expenses in the Expense View. The Expense View contains task rows which can be expanded to display the expense codes where expenses may be entered on the relevant date.
  • NEW - Expense Enhancements - Defaults can now be set for expense types including setting default values for Price, Quantity, Tax and Markups.
  • Track a virtually unlimited number of employees, clients, projects, activities, tasks and notes.
  • Track time with the stopwatch timer as you perform tasks.
  • Track each project's details with notes.
  • Track tasks with start and stop dates.
  • Track tasks with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) codes.
  • Track expenses by department and cost centre with expense codes.
  • Ability to display entries in multiple views including Time Sheet (spread sheet), day (daily log) and Time Card views.
  • Display tasks with Gantt bars in the Time Sheet Views.
  • Summarise employee or component information with the Roll-up feature in the Time Sheet View.

Workflow Approval Process with Email Notification

  • NEW - Task component level approval process - v9.0 introduced the concept of line manager approval, where team leaders could approve timesheets for members of their team. Sage TimeSheet 9.5 has taken the approval process one step further and now allows a component based approval step. This means that prior to departmental approval, managers can now approve all time recorded against the clients and or projects for which they are responsible. This is useful if employees in your organisation work on multiple projects and or clients. For example, your organisation may have a Contingency Planning project and a Sales Analysis project. Employees in your organisation may work on both of these projects; however, each project may have a different manager. This feature allows both project managers to review and approve the number of hours an employee worked exclusively on the project that he or she manages.
  • NEW - Expense approval process - Allows management within your organisation to use the Sage TimeSheet approval process to track and manage expense sheets independently from time sheets. For example, your organisation may approve time sheets on a weekly basis but expense sheets on a monthly basis.
  • Customisable to include multiple approval steps as the pertain to a company's workflow structure.
  • Flexible workflow approval process is user-defined
  • Automatic notification of managers and employees at specified in the approval process
  • Email notification via SMTP server for approval process steps, payroll exceptions and un-submitted time sheets can be managed through Microsoft Outlook.

Highly Customisable to Meet Complex Business Requirements

Sage TimeSheet is fully customisable to suit your company's needs and offers secure administration of the setup and maintenance of the database.

  • Scaleable for virtually unlimited employee capacity
  • Maintain names, groups, dependency rules, security profiles, and pay rules in the Administration View.
  • Customise task and component terminology to suit your company's structure.
  • Define custom security profiles for entering time and creating tasks to make data entry easier, less error-prone, and secure.
  • Limit a task's availability and lock entries outside of a date range with task dates and security profiles.
  • Organise employees and task components into groups to provide increased security.
  • Define up to 10 custom fields to track data for each component level.

Client/Server Features

Sage TimeSheet's client/server database connectivity allows you to maintain your Sage TimeSheet database using familiar client/server tools.

  • Supports Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, InterBase and Microsoft ODBC for Oracle.
  • Scalable to grow with your company.
  • Access Sage TimeSheet's database with any ODBC-compliant application.
  • Create custom application links using the optional Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Database system benchmarking allows administrators to get standardised speed ratings to compare with other systems and analyse changes.

Web TimeSheet

The Java-based web timesheet provides increased interactivity allowing you to access and manage your database through the Internet or an Intranet using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Eliminates the need to install additional applications on all workstations.
  • New - Time clock interface - The new time clock interface within the Sage web timesheet applet will provide a simulated time clock, where a login "clocks-in" and "clocks-out" of the web timesheet. This will allow a login to enter time for a pre-defined task without using a data-entry view. Alternately, the system administrator may allow a login to access a data-entry view. Additionally, the system administrator may allow a login to select a specific job or project (task component) when he/she clocks-in an employee. The Clock In/Out dialog box opens after a login logs into the web timesheet.
  • NEW - Sage TimeSheet Web Server extension can now be installed on a dedicated web server without the requirement to install the application
  • Access to the database from anywhere in the world.
  • Familiar interface allows access to the three time entry views and the expense entry view.
  • Allows access to multiple databases to view and enter time, expenses and notes.
  • Remove and move time entries using familiar cut/copy/paste techniques.
  • Print all time entry views to a printer directly from the Web TimeSheet.
  • Use familiar double-click to open dialogs according to user preferences.
  • Select list items using a double click.
  • Incremental search on list boxes.
  • A separate notes dialog can be opened directly, without opening the associated time entry dialog.
  • Load, calculate, export and print summary and detail reports, as well as modify their select views.
  • Maintain employee and component lists from within the Web TimeSheet.
  • Maintain custom field list selection values from within the Web TimeSheet.
  • Use relative dates from within the Web TimeSheet.
  • Option to remove list of employee names from login page for increased security.
  • Client and server system benchmarking.
  • Web TimeSheet module performance monitor.
  • Apple Macintosh compatible with Internet Explorer v4.5.
  • Perfect for consultants, on-site technicians and others who work away from the main office.

Fast and Flexible Reporting

  • NEW- Excel-based reporting - Sage TimeSheet v9.5 will allow your organisation to display entry-type detail report data in a predefined Microsoft Excel worksheet ( *.xls) template. This will allow your organisation to create a report template in Excel that includes specialised report features, such as pivot tables, pivot charts, and charts. Using a Microsoft Excel template to display entry data from Sage TimeSheet v9.5 will allow your organisation to create additional analytical reports in a format that is familiar to most employees.

Summary Reports

You can easily create Summary Reports using the Summary Reports wizard or you can create customisable, hierarchical reports in a spreadsheet format using relational operators and mathematical formulas.

  • Consolidate activities from multiple projects or employees.
  • Compare actual amounts versus budgeted amounts on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis.
  • Show a project's percentage of completion.
  • Estimate a project's completion costs.
  • New Summary Report Calculation Method allows for multiple-function columns on a per entry basis.
  • Can be saved in .csv format for use with Microsoft Excel.

Detail Reporting

Sage TimeSheet includes pre-defined reports and invoices in five categories: Employees, Components, Time and Expense Entries, Payroll and Custom.

  • NEW - Entry reports - In versions prior to 9.5, Sage TimeSheet displayed only the task components and/or tasks associated with existing time entries on entry-type detail reports. Sage TimeSheet v9.5 will allow your organisation to display used and/or unused task components and/or tasks on entry-type detail reports. This will allow your organisation to generate analytical entry reports.
  • Export reports and invoices to a variety of formats including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML, WordPerfect, dBase and others.
  • Create your own detail reports and invoices using the optional Crystal Reports report-writing program and make them available in Sage TimeSheet.
  • Include any time entry or expense entry field on reports including notes and expense codes when creating reports and invoices with Crystal Reports.
  • View sample report.

Data Exchange

Sage TimeSheet can exchange data with popular payroll, project management and time and billing packages.

  • Optionally links with Microsoft Project 2000 and 98 (SR1) enabling you to import tasks and resources and then export time entries back to Microsoft Project to keep your project plan up-to-date.
  • Links with Timeslips allowing you to enter time, expenses and notes in Sage TimeSheet and then export these events to Timeslips for direct billing.
  • Interface with other popular payroll accounting and billing solutions such as Abra Payroll, MAS 500, MAS 90, Oracle, SAP, Peachtree and Quickbooks
  • Links with your payroll package through an ASCII delimited payroll link, eliminating costly and error-prone retyping of payroll data.
  • Automates data exchange with job scheduling between the main Sage TimeSheet installation, Remote sites, and any linked programs.
  • Custom data exchange links can modify specific task and component fields rather than overwriting an entire record.
  • Custom data exchange links can also merge new groups into the existing list of groups rather than overwriting all the groups a component is already in.


Sage TimeSheet can calculate overtime, sick leave, vacation and holiday time for precise and automatic payroll and job costing information.

  • Create an unlimited number of user-definable pay rules.
  • Automatically send e-mail notification to employees with incomplete time sheets
  • comprehensive payroll reports identify missing time and payroll exceptions.

Mobile Solutions for Those on the Go

TimeSheet Remote allows you to enter data when you are away from a networked computer.

  • Access time sheets via the Web, remote and palm OS
  • Synchronise data with notebook PC's or other computers not connected to the network and the main Sage TimeSheet installation.
  • Use MAPI-compliant e-mail systems to transfer data between Remote stations and the main Sage TimeSheet installation.

Comprehensive Administration and Security Features

  • NEW - Login again - Allows employees to bypass the Select Data Source dialog box and directly open the Login dialog box by selecting File; Login again on any view in Sage TimeSheet. This is especially useful when the system administrators is configuring a feature that requires he/she to log in more than once
  • NEW - New View rights - Sage TimeSheet provides two new security rights in the Views area of the Security Profile dialog box; Access to Budget View and Access to Schedule View. The system administrator must enable these rights within an employee's security profile to allow them to access the Budget View and/or Schedule View. Only available if your installation includes the Project Budgeting Module.
  • NEW - Budgeting area - Sage TimeSheet includes a new Budgeting area of the Security Profile dialog box. The system administrator can use this area to configure a login's rights on the Budget View. Only available if your installation includes the Project Budgeting Module.
  • Log users out of the database for database management tasks.
  • Quickly update status to approve individual or rolled-up time sheets.
  • Mass update rates and statuses for time entries, tasks and expenses.
  • Prevent users from accidentally upgrading a database. When prompted to upgrade, the installation password is required.
  • Prevent users from seeing potentially sensitive information such as the database connection information in the About dialog box.

Audit Trail

  • Use the audit trail to provide a complete history of all time and expense entries added, deleted and edited.

Project Management, Budgeting and Resource Scheduling

New - Sage TimeSheet now includes an optional project management module. This module consists of two new views that will allow your organisation to forecast and track a budget for each project in Sage TimeSheet v9.5. The project-budgeting feature will include the following functionality:

  • New - Budget View - Allows you to create budgets at the highest level and then allow managers to create budgets for their projects in Sage TimeSheet v9.5. The budget can be broken down to the task level and those budget tasks assigned to timekeepers.
  • New - Schedule View - Managers can schedule work hours for employees by creating schedule time entries. Tasks assigned to employees from the budget view will create entries in the Sage TimeSheet schedule view for those tasks. A schedule time entry is a duration on a specific date during which the system administrator expects an employee to perform work for a specific task. Schedule time entries do not have start/stop times and allow only one time entry per date and task. When an employee enters time against a budgeted task the budget totals will be updated accordingly. Schedule time entries allow the system administrator to forecast the precise amount of time that he/she expects an employee to work, and then later compares that total to the actual amount of time that the login entered for the employee.
  • Microsoft Project Integration - Sage TimeSheet provides a simple yet powerful way to interface with Microsoft Project, benefits include:
    • Accurate tracking of Estimate to Completion
    • Accurate costing of project effort
    • Elimination of manual methods of actual work tracking
    • Elimination of duplicate time sheets for regular hours tracking and project tracking
    • Quicker decisions on what to do with resources



"I didn't want to work with someone else's view of the universe. I liked the flexibility of [Sage TimeSheet], which has a very open and extendible interface. Other systems were too proprietary or required a complex export process."
Mark Scansen
Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation

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