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PC & web timesheet software for workgroups of any size:
  • Fast timesheet entry with intuitive spreadsheet-like interface
    • Easy, accurate task creation, expenses & flexitime etc.
  • Project-oriented – easily customisable to meet your requirements
    • Simple client, project and activity setup and maintenance.
    • User-configurable database - up to 9 levels plus task rules.
  • Configurable security profiles & timesheet approvals/sign-off
    • Control who sees & does what. Email reminders. Multi-level approvals.
  • Flexible reporting and analysis, plus Excel links.
    • Create configurable templates to meet your needs.
    • Publish easy-to-use templates to whoever needs the information.
  • Comprehensive project budgeting and scheduling
    • Simple task-based budgeting & tracking.
    • Optional outline-based budgeting and scheduling.

Time & Billing Software Consultants are specialists in providing best of breed time tracking, time and expense accounting and business solutions to companies and government departments throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Far East, since 1994.

We are distributors of Sage TimeSheet and Sage Carpe Diem and leading partners for Timeslips, all products of Sage Software Inc. Our consultants have a wide range of experience and knowledge in matching solutions to our customer's requirements, so why not call us today on 02 4997 9700.

Worldwide services, local touch
Time and Billing's coverage extends throughout Australasia and the Far East and as far west as the Middle East. We work closely with our partners, Deepak Sareen Associates plc, based in London, who cover the UK, Europe and the Middle East and with Sage Software and their partners in the Americas to provide true worldwide coverage.

Service-oriented time and expense tracking for the corporate enterprise
Sage Carpe Diem is ideal for professional service businesses, allowing users to track time as it is spent and

validate it against lists of clients, jobs and activities.

Sage Carpe Diem is primarily used in service-oriented businesses with 25 to 2,500+ employees where users can work on many jobs in a day and need to track time accurately and efficiently for billing, costing or other purposes. It is typically integrated with accounting, job costing, or billing solutions.

Time and expense tracking with comprehensive billing facilities
Timeslips is most commonly used by professional service firms with up to 50 users, such as accountants, lawyers, PR consultancies, surveyors and other fee-based businesses.

Call us now on 02 4997 9700 to discuss the best solution for your requirments or visit our product comparison page to check out which solution will best suit your needs.

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